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Fill out the form below, then follow the steps below to complete forms.

Clearance to Play Form

In order to take part in a club sport at UConn, the clearance to play document must be filled out by a doctor. If you are a freshman this may have been completed in your “Student Health History Form” under section 5. If this was not completed or you are not a freshman, the form can be found here.



Joining the team on UContact is also required to be on the team. Please follow the instructions below to register.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Login using your NetID and password

  3. Search Cycling

  4. Click Join Club


Sign Up for Races

To sign up for the upcoming races, please go to this form and fill out the required information. If you are signing up as a road rider, please skip this step.


USAC License (Please wait to do this as it will be done during a meeting)

In order to race at the ECCC races, you are required to have at least a collegiate USAC license. The cost of the license is covered by the team however because the purchase is linked to your account, everyone must purchase it individually. Follow the steps below to sign up for a license.

  1. Go to

  2. Either make a new account, or login to your existing account.

  3. Click on my account.

  4. Hover over "Renew Membership" and select "Race License"

  5. Hit "Select" and then check off "collegiate". Please note you can use a domestic license for the races, however the team will only cover the cost of the collegiate license.

  6. Select Basic at the bottom and hit the next button.

  7. Search for University of Connecticut under Collegiate Club.

  8. Select Next and then hit Complete and Proceed to Cart

  9. Complete Waiver

  10. Complete check out

  11. Camron will reimburse you for the purchase.

  12. Download the USAC app on your phone. This app serves as your physical license. You will need it for the first race.


If you are going to be driving for the team you MUST provide a declaration of your insurance policy to be submitted to USG in order to get your mileage reimbursement. Failure to do so means you will not be reimbursed for driving by either the team or USG. No Exceptions! This document can be obtained by your insurance company easily either through your online account or by calling them and they can usually e-mail it to you. Still not sure, ask your parents! Once you've obtained the declaration, e-mail it to